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Subprime Conference IDs Opportunities Daryl Tabor delves into the numbers, provides insights on why special finance will be hot in 2013.
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Daryl Tabor delves into the numbers, provides insights on why special finance will be hot in 2013.
“Dave has really exploded in the last year. His goal is one deal a day, and he comes to work to work every day. We are glad to have him as part of our team.” –Cindy Christensen, General Manager, Herbies Auto Sales
“Jay is a master of the basics with the customers and always seems to do the right thing when handling them. He also does a great job of making sure that he and his teams follow our processes consistently so that we don’t take shortcuts which cost deals.”
Taylor  Darren - March 2009
Darren Taylor, Things have gotten really tough since you started in special finance in 2006. A lot of guys have gotten out of it. Why do you stick with it?
Special Finance Hall of Fame Inductee
2009 Hall of Fame Inductee - Cope Dwight Cope has spent the majority of his life being involved with special finance in some capacity. In order to learn a little about our inductee, it is necessary to also take a look at the company with which his entire life has been inextricably entwined. While he’s been officially on the company payroll for over 30 years, Cope’s history with Western Funding goes back much, much further.
Prior Year Inductees
The second corporate inductee is DealerTrack. While the company today has come to provide a literal cornucopia of technological offerings, the company’s name will forever be synonymous with the portal that the majority of dealers and finance personnel use to submit credit applications to the many finance companies and banks serving the industry.
The next individual award goes to Don Foss, founder and chairman of Credit Acceptance Corporation. Foss is being inducted into the Special Finance Insider’s Hall of Fame for having the foresight, drive and perseverance to found and operate one of the oldest remaining special finance companies
The next individual award goes to a long-time dealer who’s now retired. Pete Franklin, founder of Pete Franklin’s National Auto Sales in Kansas City, Mo., is the second recipient of an individual award.
The first individual award goes to two brothers still working in a dealership, who figured out a long time ago how to really make a subprime department excel.
The last individual award winner to be inducted into the Special Finance Hall of Fame is John Palmer, CEO of Dealer Marketing Services (ProMax) and president of Quad Cities Suzuki.
This year’s Special Finance Hall of Fame welcomes two corporate inductees. Chase Custom Auto Finance is being inducted for its long-term and consistent performance in the Special Finance industry.

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