Article Categories for Special Finance

Commitment - SF

Commitment in special finance
Article Count: 17
Keywords: Special Finance Insider, Commitment, auto dealer education

Deal Structure - SF

Structuring a profitable deal in special finance
Article Count: 1
Keywords: Special Finance Insider, automotive deal structure

Department Profiles - SF

Special Finance Insider Special Finance Department Profiles
Article Count: 21
Keywords: Special Finance Insider Special Finance Department Profile

Finance Companies - SF

Finding, keeping and working with special finance companies to finance credit challenged customers.
Article Count: 20
Keywords: Special Finance Insider, Special Finance, Finance Companies, lenders

Finance Insights

Profiles of finance companies in the special finance market
Article Count: 20
Keywords: special finance insider, finance companies, special finance companies

Inventory - SF

Selecting and finding inventory for special finance operations
Article Count: 6
Keywords: Special Finance Insider, Inventory, Special Finance

Legal & Compliance

Automotive Legal and compliance issues faced by the special finance industry
Article Count: 48
Keywords: Special Finance Insider, automotive legal, automotive compliance

Marketing & Advertising - SF

Selecting and executing automotive marketing and advertising campaigns for special finance operations
Article Count: 26
Keywords: Special Finance Insider, automotive marketing and advertising

Miscellaneous - SF

Miscellaneous special finance content
Article Count: 23
Keywords: special finance insider

Personnel - SF

Selecting, training and retaining the best personnel for special finance
Article Count: 9
Keywords: Special Finance Insider, Personnel

Sales Process - SF

Improving the sales process in the special finance department
Article Count: 9
Keywords: Special Finance Insider, Automotive sales process, special finance`

Systems - SF

Necessary systems for successful special finance operations
Article Count: 29
Keywords: special finance insider, special finance systems

Telephone Skills - SF

Improving telephone skills in the auto dealership, including the special finance departmenet
Article Count: 5
Keywords: Special Finance Insider, Telephone skills, special finance customers

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